How to use a modern washing machine?

Such a mechanism as a washing machine has become a part of everyday life, and it’s already hard to imagine how women used to spend a lot of time doing laundry for the whole family. It is only important to know how to use the washing machine, and it does the rest for you: it erases, rinses, wringes out, and in some cases also dries clothes, for that it is also automatic. A person only needs to load things, provide water, fill up or pour detergent and press the necessary buttons to select the appropriate conditions for washing a particular laundry. And it is at this stage that sometimes a problem arises among users.

Girl and a new washing machine

We use the machine competently

Regular violation of the rules during operation will lead to the fact that the automatic machine will quickly fail and require expensive repairs. Therefore, it is so important to work correctly with this device.

There is always an instruction manual complete with the machine, where all its features, handling rules and recommendations for the first washing and subsequent operation are analyzed in detail. If this instruction is lost over time, then you should not be upset, because many manufacturers post electronic versions on their websites and provide technical support for their products. Of course, she is not omnipotent, she is unlikely to be able to remotely understand and eliminate a serious problem with the machine, but she is quite capable of advising, and possibly conducting elementary diagnostics.

It’s worth a look at specialized forums. On them, the same simple users discuss difficulties and problems with technology, give each other recommendations. Perhaps, with their help, in case of small malfunctions, it will be possible to do without calling the wizard or visiting the service center, eliminating the breakdown yourself.

Washing machine installation


  • When the machine is delivered, you need to make sure that during transportation it was not damaged, and remove all shipping bolts and fasteners.
  • To avoid vibrations during operation, the machine must be set clearly in level, adjusting its height with the help of legs.
  • It is advisable that the machine has a separate outlet with grounding, its own shield and protection against moisture.

Setting the washing mode

Work with the machine

Even the simplest automatic machine has several washing programs, in more expensive and advanced devices this number can go up to 20. Programs are modes specially selected for a certain type of things and fabrics that allow you to wash off dirt with minimal harm to the material. They directly control the washing process (water temperature, rotation of the drum), the intensity of the spin of the laundry and its subsequent drying. As a rule, program names are intuitive.

On all types of linen, the washing conditions must be indicated on the label or label — the recommended mode, temperature, and these recommendations should be followed so that things last for a long time.

Preparing for washing with a washing machine

Laundry preparation and mode selection

Before washing, items should be sorted by fabric type and color. This is especially important for easily shedding synthetic fabrics, as well as when washing at high temperatures. It is worth checking all the pockets of the clothes - sometimes important things that are left there are forgotten that will irreparably deteriorate when washing, and in addition, if wet, they can also stain the clothes.

So that when washing the laundry stretches well and rinses out, do not tightly stuff the drum of the machine. In addition, regular work with the load "at the limit" will be not very useful for the machine.In order to prevent the machine from literally jumping around the room, it is not recommended to wash things one at a time or to put together very large and very small linen.

With great care you should wash things that have a small decor. He can either suffer himself, or score a typewriter. If some parts do not hold well on clothes, then they should either be torn off and sewn again after washing, or immediately attached more tightly. With an abundance of embroidery or rhinestones, it is worth choosing a manual or delicate mode.

If things are not soiled lightly and they need only to be slightly refreshed, then it is worth choosing the “fast” mode economical in terms of water and powder consumption.

Caring for the washing machine

Car care

  1. Once or twice a year, a typewriter should arrange a “single” wash with anti-scale substances. It can be both purchased products and home remedies like citric acid.
  2. If the machine has a filter for small debris such as threads, pile, wool, then it should be cleaned as it becomes dirty.
  3. In the case when tap water is not very high quality, dirty or has too many hard impurities in order not to spoil the new machine, it is worth installing a filter for cleaning it.
  4. If the water pressure in the water supply is poor, you should not use the “washer”, because its modes are set to normal pressure in the pipes.
  5. After each wash, it is advisable to leave the door ajar to prevent odors and mold. Also, do not put dirty laundry in advance - there are linen baskets for this.
  6. The drum itself needs to be wiped from the rest of the powder from time to time. In the same way, periodically ventilate and rinse and need a container for powder and conditioner.

The correct selection of detergents also plays an important role for the long and trouble-free operation of the washing machine. In no case should you use powders for hand washing, because they give a plentiful foam, often flowing out of the machine, clogging it. For some models, the use of exclusively liquid products is recommended, in which case this will be indicated in the instructions.

The exact rate of powder consumption for a certain number of things is usually indicated on the package, but, in general, it should be understood that the less laundry is put in the washer, the shorter the washing mode is selected, the less detergents will be required.

To summarize, we can say that if you know how to use a washing machine such as an automatic machine, this device can significantly facilitate household chores and free up the time of the hostesses for many other, much more enjoyable, activities.

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  1. Olesya
    04/29/2019 at 14:25 Reply

    I have been using it for three years since the purchase of a Hotpoint washing machine. I handle the washing machine very carefully, after each wash I rinse the powder tray, wipe the drum and rubber around the drum from foam, this is very important and necessary.

  2. Anna
    11/18/2019 at 22:06 Reply

    I try to carefully and carefully use my Hotpoint washing machine, also after washing I open the hatch so that there is no musty smell and I periodically wash the powder tray.