How to properly and quickly clean the washing machine from scale at home

Scale is an affliction of every home, and should be cleaned regularly. When a person buys a new electric kettle or washing machine, he always expects the thing to last a long time. Scale begins to appear on the technique after six months and can bring it to an unusable state. You will learn how to clean the washing machine from scale and not be afraid of its further formation.

Scale on the heating element of the washing machine

What is scale and where does it come from?

This is the deposition of salts on devices that heat water during operation. In a household there are usually two such devices - a kettle and a washing machine. The main reason for the formation of scale is too hard water, in which a large amount of magnesium and calcium is dissolved. Especially often because of hard water, scale forms in residents of apartments connected to the public water supply. Limescale also appears in the washing machine if you wash clothes with powder with too many chemical and mineral components. Then its remains are deposited on the ten and often affect the machine even worse than salts. It’s bad when the “intensive wash” mode is constantly on in the machine. It increases the percentage of salts that fall on ten and quickly harden.

The washing machine broke

How does scale harm the washing machine?

Scale in the washing machine can reduce its service life by one and a half to two times. Moreover, if you were not worried about how to clean the ten, then you will not have a free warranty repair. The masters will conclude that the failure occurred due to your carelessness, and you will have to pay a lot.

The main reason for the breakdown of washing machines is the fact that scum coated ten has a worse heat transfer. It not only heats water much more slowly, which leads to a loss of electricity, but also overheats itself. If it is incorrect to clean the machine or use the wrong means, then after this the scale will collect on the heating element even faster. In addition, if you do not remove the internal pollution of the machine, then its exhaust valve will become clogged, it is worse to let water through and break.

Washing machine

How to clean the washing machine?

You can get rid of the dirt that got on the heater, at home or call the master. The first is more complicated: you need to think everything over, buy funds and act carefully. The second is more expensive and not always reliable. Not all those who call themselves masters are such. Most housewives recommend scaling in the washing machine themselves. After the first independent cleaning, things will go easier, you will better know your technique and you will be sure that you did everything to make it last longer.

Before you start cleaning, decide what you are going to do it. Of course, most methods do not require mechanical impact, but it is better to grab a good washcloth or a clean rag. Not one scale pollutes the washing machine, and the rest of the dirt is much easier to remove. In addition to the washcloth, grab good gloves that protect your hands from strong detergents. If you cannot tolerate the chemical smell, check the room where you intend to work.


It is best to remove dirt from the equipment using microfiber rags. They absorb water and do not leave streaks.

Get ready for the fact that in order to clean the ten, you have to turn on the machine “idle” several times. If you do not want to disassemble it, there is no other way to get rid of scale. Just in case, grab the instructions for using your washing machine.

Lemon acid

Clean with citric acid

Citric acid is one of the cheapest and most effective methods. For one removal of dirt from the machine, a machine will not need 100 rubles. Repeating this procedure is worth every few months, and then your ten will always be clean. In addition to plaque, citric acid removes an unpleasant odor and helps get rid of mold that has penetrated deep into the drum.

Take 60 to 200 grams of citric acid. If it is sold in packages of 15 grams, then it will be from 4 to 14 pieces. But you can find bigger bags, one hundred grams. The larger the machine, the more money is needed. Open all the bags and pour them either into the drum or into the compartment for washing powder. You can go there and there. But the main thing is not to pour acid into the rinse aid compartment, be careful. Now close the machine and find the function with the highest temperature. 60 degrees will be enough, but 90 will do. Turn it on, the machine will "wash" one and a half to two hours.

During this time, plaque will enter into a chemical reaction with citric acid and begin to fall off or dissolve. After that, it will not hurt to once again give the machine an “wash” machine without laundry, so that the acid and its smell are completely washed. If, after cleaning, you look into the pipe of the washing machine, you will see how much dirt is finally washed off from the heater.


Mine with the help of "Antinakipin"

The principle of operation of this substance is similar to the principle of citric acid, but it is a little more expensive and is designed specifically to clean the dirt that gets on the shade or inside of an electric kettle.

Buy a pack of anti-scale and pour into the powder compartment the amount indicated in the instructions. Turn on idle mode.


Select a function with which washing lasts no longer than 60-70 minutes. This chemical is stronger than acid and can harm the car.

The disadvantage of the tool is that if it is poured too much, it can corrode the rubber parts of the automatic machine. As a result, it will begin to flow, and repair will be needed. Therefore, with "Anti-scale" you must be very careful.

Anti-scale vinegar in a washing machine

Vinegar will help.

Many housewives say that the vinegar method will help to clean the machine best. Take one and a half to two glasses of the most ordinary white vinegar and pour them into the drum. Do not add any more product inside or into the powder compartment. Turn on the washing machine in the high-temperature mode and the washing duration of one and a half hours. After 10 minutes, press the pause button and let the vinegar get into all the slots of the drum, hook the ten. The machine should "infuse" an hour. After that continue washing. In the end we need a microfiber rag. Do not wet it, just gently wipe the drum.

Are there any good softeners?

We all saw an advertisement for Kalgon showing a very dirty ten and ten after using the tool. The second one just shines and looks brand new. It is clear that not everything is so beautiful, and the second ten is actually new, but does Kalgon help even a bit? The sad answer is no or very little. If you have very hard water, it will reduce the rate of scale formation by 10 percent, not more. At the same time, it costs ten times more expensive than vinegar or citric acid, which are easy to buy and use at home.

Magnetic water filter

Magnetic water filter

Prevent scale formation

Instead of a chemical softener, you can install a magnetic water softener. It will be good for him and in general it costs less. The water softener will make sure that the scale in the washing machine does not appear. After each wash, it is better to wipe the machine from the inside and do not close the door until it is completely dry.After washing the laundry with a large amount of detergent or rinse aid, turn on another rinse, because such products are very slowly washed off.

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