Is it possible to store boiled water: how much and in what

How much can you store boiled water, is it worth it at all? It is recommended to use a drink during the day. There are a number of significant reasons for this.

Boiling water

How much boiled water is stored

Boiling allows you to kill harmful microorganisms in water, but useful ones also die at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Boiled water is useful for brewing drinks, and when cooled, not all people like its taste.

In any case, the shelf life of boiled water should not exceed 1 day. The quality and preservation of the liquid is slightly affected by the capacity in which it is poured, the storage temperature and the initial properties of the water. After this treatment, the liquid accumulates harmful microorganisms faster and becomes susceptible to viruses.

Water in a glass teapot

It is not recommended to overdo the water in the kettle and boil it again. It accumulates heavy compounds and can cause indigestion.

Filter excessively hard tap water before boiling it. The presence of certain substances that affect stiffness will help to identify the examination. According to its results there you can choose the most suitable filter for the home. Most often, filter systems are recommended against excess chlorine and iron.

Advice from the magazine boiled, artesian, bottled water - all its types differ in structure and composition. Using exclusively boiled water is not good for the body, but you should not drink raw tap water only. Use filters, buy mineral water, etc.

Water filter

How to store

Pour boiled water from the kettle into glass or enameled dishes with a sealed lid. The less contact with air - the better for water and your health. It is not recommended to pour water into plastic containers, especially immediately after boiling. The point is the toxicity of the material, regardless of its labeling.

Water in a glass container

Watch the sterility of dishes in which you pour any water, not just boiled.

If the day went out, and the water was not used, then feel free to dispose of it and boil a new one. Fortunately, this resource is available at any time.

Store the container with water either at room temperature or in the refrigerator. If you place the jug on the table, provide diffused, not direct sunlight. The temperature in the room should not exceed 30 degrees.

Water bottles in the refrigerator

Boiling makes water safe, but does not improve its quality. Do not deprive the body of benefits: buy artesian water or use filters for "raw" water.

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    10.30.2019 at 23:04 Reply

    Bottled and mineral fakes

  2. Konstantin
    11.16.2019 at 17:21 Reply

    Store boiled water in a silver jug. Priests will be jealous of not buying the so-called "holy" water from them!

  3. Anatoly
    11/21/2019 at 21:36 Reply

    I pour the rest of the boiled water from the teapot into a glass jar, in which there is a silver spoon and drink whenever I just feel like drinking, every day I add the cooled boiling water from the can there, my ancestors did