How much can you keep diluted hair dye

Is it worth keeping diluted hair dye, or is the mixing of the components done exclusively for a single coloring? Let's see what the manufacturers of dyes and experienced housewives say.

Paint dilution

Is it possible to store

Mixed hair dye should not be stored. Two components react with each other immediately after connection and only at a certain period of time during which a person manages to dye his hair. Usually a chemical reaction lasts 30-40 minutes. After that, you will not be able to change the image with the mixture.

Hair coloring

And further storage does not make sense either in a sealed container or in an open one. Air does not affect the properties of the mixture. The chemical reaction has ended - the paint has become unusable. Some housewives noted that the mixture went blistering after a long storage, an unpleasant odor appeared.

Unused components can be stored after opening, but according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Always read what is written on a pack of paint from the mass market, if your hair is dear to you.

Hair dye instruction

Tip recommends that if you do not know exactly how much paint you need, mix the components in small portions. The process will be longer, but you will not have to throw away the unused mixture. Over time, you will remember the desired dosage.

Hair dyeing

Storage and use of hair dye: tips

A few simple rules for storing and using coloring formulations:

  1. Hair dye is stored in the temperature range from +5 to +22 degrees.
  2. Do not keep the packaging in direct sunlight.
  3. Place the pack in a dry and dark cabinet.

Hair coloring in the salon

Do not use paint after the expiration date. Undesirable chemical reactions, scalp irritation and hair damage are possible.

Take care of your appearance: it’s better to buy a new package of paint once more than take the risk and use the old mixture, and then restore your hair for a long time and not for free. Many beauties trust painting only beauty salons.

Rinse off hair dye

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