How to store the key to the drill, so as not to lose?

Drills with key cartridges favorably differ from keyless drills by reliable fixation. Just do not lose the key to the drill, as practice shows, that is still a puzzle. There is no special department for storing it in most models. In boxes, he continually falls through the ground. And if you need to carry out work outside the house, then the need to take it with you can simply fly out of your head. The lost key to the cartridge - the problem is so frequent that craftsmen invented ways to attach it directly to the instrument.

Key holder on the wire from the drill

Wire storage

The easiest and fastest way to keep the key for the drill always at hand is to attach it to the wire. There are two ways to do this:

  • using electrical tape;
  • with a carabiner for keys and a metal ring.

The first method is over 40 years old. It was used by grandfathers and great-grandfathers. It is very simple, fast in execution, efficient. This is very convenient - there is a tool at one end of the wire and a key to it at the other.

The method with a carbine is much more thought out. The mechanism allows, if necessary, to quickly unhook the key and attach it back. And thanks to the slip of the ring, a strong load on the wire is eliminated.

Fastening the key from the drill to the wire on electrical tape

Mounting on electrical tape

To implement your plan, you will need approximately 30 cm of insulation tape, scissors and the tool itself.

What do we have to do:

  1. Decide on the place of attachment. Experienced craftsmen say that it is more convenient to use a key attached to the middle of the wire.
  2. Wind up a layer of electrical tape first. This should be done for safety reasons - in case the protective coating of the electric wire begins to crack over time.
  3. Press the handle against the insulated area. Tape it with electrical tape on one side, then on the other.
  4. For better fixation, use 2-3 layers of electrical tape.

Done. Now the key is securely attached to the electric drill. To use it, you do not need to unwind the electrical tape. Just grab the handle with the wire and insert the head into the chuck, after disconnecting the tool from the mains.

Fastening the key from the drill to the wire with a metal ring

Carabiner mount

To make a kind of keychain from the key to the drill is a great idea. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

From the materials you need a file, a thin drill, a key carbine and a metal ring.

What do we have to do:

  1. File the handle on one side. The thinner you make it, the easier it will be to drill a hole and insert a ring.
  2. Drill a small hole.
  3. Insert a metal ring into it and attach a carbine.
  4. Hook the “keychain” over the electric drill wire.

If the sliding key interferes with work, it can be removed for a while and put next to it. Fortunately, with a carabiner this is easy to do.

Home storage

If the drill is exclusively for home use, it will be useful to think about a global solution to the problem.

The key will not be lost if you properly organize a place to store tools. Make a solid stand. Example in the photo:

Tool storage on a special stand

The drill is very convenient to place on the bracket. It can be independently bent from a rod of 6 mm. It is only necessary to provide a bend that repeats the contour of the body. And so that the key is not lost, a hole should be drilled along the diameter of its handle.

Homemade Drill Storage Shelf

Or you can purchase a separate drill stand and store the key in the same place.

Drill stand and drill key

Finally, get a special case for your drill. In it, you can not only store tools and accessories, but also carry them without fear of forgetting anything. The main thing is to maintain order.

Case with a drill

In conclusion, the method with electrical tape, although old, is most popular. It is easy to implement.And besides, a firmly fixed key on the wire does not interfere with work. Selecting it, you definitely will not lose.

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