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6 types of clothes that can not be in the washing machine

It would seem that you can load anything into modern machines, if necessary, they wash things carefully. But no, there are clothes that should not be washed in a washing machine under any circumstances. The reason for this is the high risk of damage to the product or the unit itself. We propose to study these six types so that one day you will not get into trouble.

Water repellent jacket

Rubberized products, waterproof clothing

On some types of jackets, in particular ski jackets, a special impregnation is applied, which prevents the absorption of moisture. This allows you to stay in a humid environment for a long time, fall in the snow, walk in the rain without getting wet. The rubberized layer is often applied on children's outerwear, in particular on Lenne winter suits. To clean such clothes, it is enough to use a damp cloth. In the washing machine, the protective layer will be damaged and the product will get wet.

Bras on the dryer


Many girls and women know such a problem with a bra as a crawled bone. The thing is that this product is not intended for washing in a washing machine. During intensive drum operation, the supporting metal insert breaks through the fabric. And the damage to underwear is not the worst thing. A stone that has got out during washing can cause a breakdown of the machine.

Sequins on the fabric

Things with a decor from pastes, beads

Spectacular clothing with jewelry should only be washed by hand. Machine wash is likely to damage the product. The bead patch may unfold and the stones may peel off. Most importantly, it is unlikely that they can be found in the drum and glued into place. Most likely, they will be washed away by a stream of water in a drain hose. And if the decor is large, then it can clog the filter or even break the machine.

Men's suit cleaning

Classic costumes and coats

Clothing of this type consists of many hard elements that help to keep in shape: shoulders, lapels, side pockets. In addition, it is often made from materials that do not tolerate moisture:

  • tweed
  • drape
  • woolen cloth.

If you wash a classic suit or coat in a washing machine, they hopelessly go bad. To remove impurities, you need to take the products to dry cleaning or clean them yourself in a dry way.

Leatherette Clothing

Jackets and imitation leather

Almost all leather and leatherette products do not tolerate moisture. When wet, they become vulnerable. After washing in a washing machine, a leather jacket may stretch or otherwise be deformed. The leatherette will probably crack and begin to delaminate. In addition, paint may peel off products.

To find out whether or not a particular thing can be washed in a washing machine, you should look at the tab. Usually it is sewn into the side seam and is located inside out on the left side. The following icons indicate that machine wash is not allowed:

  • crossed out washing machine;
  • basin with water and hands;
  • white circle.

For such products, only hand wash or dry cleaning is allowed.

Hat and clothes brush

Baseball caps and hats with cardboard inserts

Many types of hats are made using cardboard inserts. They help to create and maintain the necessary shape of the product. However, cardboard is prone to deformation when wet. In the wet state, it easily spreads, creases, holes and cracks appear on it. Therefore, if you want to keep your favorite baseball cap or hat intact, never use a washing machine to wash it.Better use a slightly damp cloth for cleaning.

A washing machine is a great helper that makes life easier. However, do not trust her absolutely any clothes. Some things need to be washed by hands, others to be cleaned in a dry-cleaner. It is important to carefully study the labels and adhere to the care recommendations. Then the products will look like new for a long time.

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  1. Horse in coat
    09/08/2019 at 20:06 Reply

    For 70 years, I’ve been washing my favorite leather coat in the Ilyich & sons washing machine, and it’s all like new. He was still wearing the FED!

  2. Man
    09/16/2019 at 05:21 Reply

    Modern homeowners are so stupid that they buy clothes with rhinestones and caps with cardboard inserts, and stuff them into the washer? This world is going to hell, so it, the horned one, is necessary.