How best to remove yellow spots from white clothes

The question of how to remove yellow spots from white clothes is always relevant. They can appear from sweat at any time of the year, and can appear after washing or long-term storage. No brand bleach or stain remover can often cope with them. However, do not despair. Proper care and patience will help save your favorite things.

yellow spot on the collar


Having grouped, there are only three reasons why yellow spots appear on clothes and underwear:

  • improper care: washing in hard or too hot water, improperly selected washing powder, less often gel, insufficient rinsing after bleach, improper temperature when ironing;
  • pollution: sweat, vegetable fats;
  • long-term storage in violation of the microclimate.

On the shelves of shops you can find many different special tools that help get rid of yellow spots, but, unfortunately, not all of them are particularly effective and do not always guarantee an absolute result.

An alternative to purchasing special, often expensive, products is the use of hand-made solutions, which will be discussed later.

What to do: several time-tested tools

You can get rid of yellow spots on white clothes without the use of special tools and preparations, but this applies only to fresh traces. To do this, it is enough to soak a thing in a solution of laundry soap for 2-3 hours, then wash it in the usual way and rinse thoroughly. If more than 24 hours have passed after staining, then, unfortunately, it will not be possible to remove unsolicited dye with ease.

Old stains on white silk

If it was not possible to get rid of yellow spots on clothes, then you can use the following pharmacy products:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Aspirin.
  3. Dry fuel.

Hydrogen peroxide

To start cleaning clothes with hydrogen peroxide, you must first soak a thing in a soap solution, and then apply peroxide to places where there are yellow spots. If, after applying hydrogen peroxide, you hear a characteristic hiss, know this is the right sign, and the peroxide has already reacted with the tissue. For better cleaning, it is recommended to leave the item for 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and wash in the washing machine.

hydrogen peroxide from yellow spots


First you need to soak a thing in a soapy solution. Take a glass, throw 2 tablets of aspirin and pour a minimal amount of water. After aspirin dissolves in water, apply the solution to the yellow areas on the thing. We leave the item for 2-3 hours, after which we also rinse thoroughly and machine wash.

Aspirin tablet

Dry fuel

You can buy it in almost every pharmacy. The dry fuel cleaning method is completely analogous to aspirin cleaning.

Absolutely for all types of fabric, baking soda (1 tablespoon), detergent for dishes (half a tablespoon) are perfect. The funds must be mixed, using a brush to rub into the stain, then wait a few hours and thoroughly rinse the item and wash.

Dry fuel

Yellow stains from storage - how to remove

If, after washing, things are poorly rinsed (regardless of whether the powder was used, gel, soda or soap) or stored in moisture, long-term storage can inherit yellow spots. Such marks are never fresh, and proven and reliable stain removers often do not help.

Coloring can be saved by re-soaking with gentle stain removers (for example, “Vanish”, “Prox”, etc.): apply gel or gruel (product with a small amount of water) on the stain, hold as much as is recommended on the package, then rinse, repeat the procedure 5-6 times, finally, wash with the addition of stain remover in normal mode.

spots vanish

Strong household chemicals can save a white thing, for example, “Ace - gentle whitening”. Hydrogen peroxide may also be useful. It (2 teaspoons) must be mixed with a dishwashing detergent (the same amount) and two tablespoons of soda. The gruel-like mixture is applied to the trace, then the dirt needs to be rubbed a little, left for 20 minutes, rubbed well again, then washed in normal mode with the addition of a stain remover.

Rinse your clothes thoroughly after any bleaching. Always put an “extra rinse” in the washing machine. This will avoid the reappearance of yellow marks on clothing.


  • Each fabric and thing requires a special (individual) approach. For example, you can remove yellow spots from a white thing made of cotton using ammonia and table salt. To make the solution, you need to take 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of salt and ammonia. Next, put the thing in the solution and leave it for several hours. After this, the item must be thoroughly rinsed and washed in the washing machine.

spots on the collar and cuffs

  • Stains that appear on the collar and cuffs can be removed using a highly concentrated composition. To prepare it, it is enough to put half a teaspoon of ammonia on the yellow trail, the same amount of salt and rub the solution into the yellow spot well, and then leave the thing for several hours. It is necessary that the cleaning composition is well absorbed into the fabric, and then completely rid it of yellow spots.

Spot Removal Using Powder Bleach

  • If there is a yellow drip on a white thing for a long time, then yellowness can be removed by the old proven method, namely, by boiling in a soap solution. To do this, it’s enough to take a saucepan, pour a little water, dissolve shavings of laundry soap in it (you can add laundry detergent if necessary), place a stained wardrobe item in it and boil for 20-30 minutes, and the old thing will have to be “cooked” longer, 1- 2 hours. The method does not spare the structure of the fibers, and the fabric becomes thinner, so boiling, like chlorine bleach, is an extreme tool.

Sweat stain on shirt

Do not forget that when boiling, it is necessary to stir the water and the thing in it from time to time.

  • There was a need to clean up yellow spots a very old thing? Then do not do without purification using ammonia and ethyl alcohol (1 to 1 solution ratio). To do this, pour half or a whole tablespoon of ammonia and ethyl alcohol into places with yellow spots, leave the solution for 1-2 hours, then wash the item in cold water.
  • You can clean white items from yellow spots with detergents (for dishes). To do this, it is enough to apply the gel on the drips, leave for 1-2 hours, then wash it in a washing machine, preferably in water, the temperature of which is above 30 degrees.
  • Also, in the absence of special tools at home, you can use ordinary powder and a washing machine, but before that you need to turn on the "Boiling" mode (washing at a temperature of 90-100 degrees).


Silk is a very delicate fabric, the cleaning of which must be approached carefully, otherwise the whole thing can be ruined.

  • To clean white clothes from silk, you can use a stain remover called Thiosulfate, which is very common in the field of photo printing. To do this, it is enough to dilute 1 tablespoon of the product in a glass of water, put in place with a yellow stain, and then wash it well with your hands or in the washing machine with delicate fabrics and without pressing.
  • It helps to clean yellow stubborn stains and white soap with washing powder.To prepare the desired solution, it is enough to apply 1 teaspoon of powder to the stain, then stain the stain with ordinary soap. Next, leave the item for 20-30 minutes and wash in the washing machine.
  • For home cleaning, long-formed yellow spots can be used vodka and water (proportion - 1 to 1). Apply a little solution to the yellow spots, leave for 1-2 hours, then wash in a washing machine.

Alcohol in a flask


Woolen things are very whimsical, and to clean old spots you need to be very delicate. To remove yellow traces from woolen clothing, it is necessary to make a solution based on laundry soap. To do this, grind the whetstone and dissolve in a small amount of water. Then place the thing in this solution and leave it for 3-4 hours. After the thing is well infused, it must be washed in the washing machine, rinsing well.


It may seem to many people that removing a yellow stain from white clothing made from absolutely all types of fabric is easy, but unfortunately this is not so. To successfully remove yellow sweat stains from clothing, you need to not only know how to prepare cleaning solutions, but also tips that will help you not spoil the white thing. magazine recommends paying attention to the nuances:

  1. To clean the white thing, it is extremely undesirable to use solutions containing chlorine.
  2. For cleaning silk things, solutions with acetone and acetic acid are in no way suitable.
  3. Before you start cleaning things from yellow spots, you need to conduct an experiment. Simply apply the prepared solution to any unnecessary thing of the same fabric and see if the thing loses its qualities.
  4. The recommended temperature for washing white items with yellow spots is 20-30 degrees. Boiling, as already mentioned, spoils the structure, thins the canvas.

If you notice that yellow spots have formed on your favorite white thing, do not get upset and throw it away. Perhaps the tips and tricks described above will help you put things in order.

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