Methods for removing stains on clothes with aspirin

Aspirin is even in those houses where all family members have a negative attitude to drugs. It is sometimes necessary even to people with very good health to bring down the temperature, reduce headache or toothache. There are tips for other uses of this drug, for example, throw in a vase with cut flowers to keep the bouquet longer. Add another method of using acetylsalicylic acid to the piggy bank of household recipes - it is an excellent stain remover for white and colored fabrics.

Aspirin from yellow spots under the armpits

Hide your sweating

The smell of sweat can be destroyed with a deodorant, but the treacherous clothes will reveal your secret to everyone: you can’t hide the characteristic yellow spots under your armpits. What a shame it is to put a beautiful dress in the closet after the first exit! It is not always possible to wash a thing to its original cleanliness, and not every fabric will remain fresh and new after wet processing. Dry cleaning after every hot day is too expensive, so blouses and shirts are gathering dust on the shelves, which, due to yellow stains under the armpits, are now suitable only for work in the country.

In order not to spread the “fragrance” around them, in the heat even people with slight sweating use odor neutralizers. Not everyone has high-quality perfumes, and often deodorant stains remain on clothing under the armpits. In combination with yellow stains from sweat, a very colorful and noticeable picture is obtained. After a hot day, completely new things fly into the garbage bags, which the housewives could not remove. Do not despair, removing stains with aspirin will restore the purity of your clothes.

Open the closet, get out all the dresses, blouses and shirts with sweat under your armpits. Now separate the white items from the colored ones and open the dry cleaner at home. Take the cheap aspirin that our great-grandmothers used. Perhaps the new instant forms are effective for treating colds, but they cannot remove stains.

Perform further operations in this order.

  1. Thoroughly crush 2-3 tablets so that not even small pieces remain.
  2. Pour a full glass of warm water and dissolve the powder in it.
  3. Spread the stained item on a flat surface to make it easy to work with every spot of sweat or deodorant.
  4. Wet contaminated areas under the armpits well and keep them moist for 1 to 2 hours.
  5. Rinse things to completely remove aspirin.

If the stains from sweat and deodorant on clothes are too old and they could not be removed, prepare a thicker composition: add a little water to the powder to make it look like toothpaste. Apply to remaining dirt and rinse after 10 minutes. To remove particularly persistent stains under the armpits, they can be left under the paste for an hour. After all the procedures, wash your clothes in the usual way for you.


First, apply any compounds to hidden areas of clothing, hold for the right time, rinse and dry. If the tissue is not affected, you can safely start stain removal.

Wine spilled on a tablecloth

The whole menu is written on a tablecloth

A white tablecloth is a wonderful decoration for a banquet table. One trouble: after the feast, all the menus can be set according to the color of the spots. In the center of the table stood a vinaigrette, reminiscent of burgundy splashes and blots. From the right edge, the carafe with apple juice left brown stains. Where groups of bottles were installed, an abstract picture of smears of all kinds of yellow, red, burgundy shades remained.The upset hostess is sure that it is impossible to remove the tablecloth, and once again vows for the next celebration to purchase a cheap disposable canvas.

Of course, this does not happen after every holiday, but when children are sitting at the table, spots can not be avoided. Try a simple way to remove dirt from the tablecloth and napkins, and the day after the celebration will not bring any grief. Make a composition of 2-3 tablets of aspirin in a glass of water, as for removing stains from sweat, and pour the solution into a basin with soaked things. After an hour, rinse and wash in a powder machine. From spots there will be no trace.


To remove contaminants the first time, do this work immediately after the guests leave, so that the pigments do not have time to soak the fibers of the fabric.

In the same way you can clean baby clothes. Breasts constantly stain shirts and vests with juices and applesauce. It is impossible to wash off these contaminants, but if you don’t tighten and immediately soak your clothes in water, and then add a solution of aspirin, things can be saved. Thoroughly rinse the children's underwear, and then wash it, and even memories will not remain from stains on the clothes.

Aspirin tablets

Blood on the fabric

It’s very difficult to remove old blood stains. Do not wait until the thing becomes completely worthless, get down to business as quickly as possible. In no case do not put the soiled clothes in hot water and do not expose to other thermal effects: it will be impossible to remove traces of the cooked proteins by any means. Try to hold the blurred place under a stream of cold water, if the blood does not have time to soak, the stain may disappear. Otherwise, you need to try to remove traces of blood stains by other methods.

There are many answers to the question of how to remove blood stains, and often the housewives make an unforgivable mistake. They tried to clean the clothes with soda - there were traces, they took citric acid and tried again - nothing has changed. Different substances cause their reactions in the pollutant, and when you change the tool, the new drug may turn out to be a fixative that will fix stains for centuries. If you want to choose the most suitable drug for yourself, attach a few shreds to fresh meat and try to clean them using different means:

  • special stain removers;
  • aspirin;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • Lemon
  • soda;
  • toothpaste.

Well, if clothes made of durable fabrics get dirty, you can use the same methods as you print other spots. If blood gets on silk or other delicate matter, you need to act very carefully. Take half a glass of warm water and dissolve an aspirin tablet in it. Moisten a soft brush in the composition and gently rub the stains until they disappear.

Face mask of aspirin

Aspirin for beauty

The appearance of age spots on the skin will ruin the mood of any woman. If acetylsalicylic acid helps tidy clothes, why not use it to clean your face? This drug also acts as a scrub, and as a bleach, and as a tonic that helps activate metabolic processes in the epidermis. Please note that a one-time procedure will not give an effect, you need to engage in facial care regularly.

Try using the simplest recipes. You do not need to make compositions from many components, they can give an unpredictable reaction, and instead of eliminating age spots, you will get inflammations and burns. Compositions for masks can not be stored, they are prepared before use. Do procedures before going to bed so that you do not expose your skin to sunlight for several hours. Drugs should be applied not only to spots, but also to the entire face.

  • Grind 2 tablets of aspirin, mix with 12 g of white clay, add water so that the mixture resembles sour cream in density. Keep on face for 10 minutes.
  • In 10 ml of dark honey add 6 crushed tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and 7 ml of lemon juice. Stir, apply on skin for 15 minutes. Gently massage your face and rinse off the mask.Dilute 7 g of soda in water to make slurry, and immediately after washing apply on skin for 15 minutes.
  • Tonic for daily wiping. Crush 4 tablets of aspirin, mix with 100 ml of water and 20 ml of apple cider vinegar.
  • Lotion. Dissolve 10 crushed tablets of acetylsalicylic acid in 100 ml of water. Wipe your face every other day, perform 3 procedures, then take a break for 3 weeks.

Cosmetics with aspirin have contraindications. No matter how great the desire to get rid of age spots during pregnancy and after childbirth, think first of all about the baby and better use foundation. You can not use acetylsalicylic acid for allergies, asthma, skin problems. In any case, before using the product, it is better to consult a doctor first than to fix health problems later.

How to choose the best one out of many stain removal recipes? Only experience and practice will help you with this. Just as two housewives make completely different borscht from the same products, the same goes for clothing care: funds that are effective in the hands of one woman turn out to be completely useless in the other. Start experimenting with simple fabrics and affordable inexpensive substances: soda, vinegar, aspirin. Perhaps for stains from sweat and deodorant you choose one remedy, pigmented stains from juice - another. Very soon you will have your favorite methods and your secrets of keeping clothes clean.

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