How and how to wash waterproof mascara with white and colored clothes?

One careless movement and a festive dress, a strict office blouse or new trousers are covered with mascara stains. Given the fact that this product is made more and more resistant every year, it is not so easy to remove it from clothes and not damage the material, but it is possible. First of all, you need to evaluate what reagents are available, because there will be no time to run to the store.

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Dried black, brown or colored spots are very difficult to remove on their own. When the situation is difficult, it’s better not to risk it at all. If the standard wash did not work (by the way, it is recommended that you do not load anything else with the damaged item), you should immediately contact a dry cleaner, they will surely cope with the problem. You can try to remove fresh pollution with improvised means that we choose depending on the color and type of fabric.

Traditional means and rules for their use

There are universal products that can be used to process things of any color, but only if the fabric is not very demanding on the impact. At home, you can try to mascara with one of the following products:

  • Laundry soap. First, the damaged product must be moistened in lukewarm water, then abundantly soaped. Well, if at hand there is not ordinary soap, but "Antipyatin" or something like that. Next, we erase the item manually. It can be repeated several times until the stain disappears. Then you need to wash the product in the machine.
  • Fine table salt. This approach is best used when working with skin or its substitute. Mix the salt with water in such proportions that a thick mass is obtained. We apply it to a place where traces of mascara are present. If possible, leave for a day, and then clean off the mass with a soft brush. Additionally, you can wipe the area with a cloth dampened in purified turpentine. We erase the item as usual.

soap, salt, kerosene and borax

  • Borax. We read the composition of the cosmetic product. If an aqueous solution of shellac and soot appears in it, we leave the pollution to dry and go to the pharmacy for a borax. A couple of grams of the product is diluted in 30 ml of water, applied to a stain and left for half an hour. We rinse the product in warm water several times, after which we send it to the machine. In general, using borax, you can try to remove any mascara, regardless of its composition.
  • Stain remover. It is better if it is liquid or aerosol. We use the product in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions, after which we erase as usual in the machine or manually.
  • Refined kerosene. The best option for exposure to wool fabric, even if it is very thin. We simply process the pollution, wait 10 minutes and wash it. We post necessarily dry in the fresh air.


Usually, one approach is enough to achieve a positive result, but if necessary, you can do several circles, the quality of the fabric should not suffer from this.

Unusual but effective approaches

It happens that none of the above is at hand. In this case, it is worth checking whether it is possible to use one of the following products:

  • Mustard Powder. With it, you can remove pollution even from silk. Just dilute the dry substance with clean water to the state of the paste, which we apply to the problem place. Leave it all to knock. After the specified time, we clean off the dried paste, and rinse the thing in cool water.If necessary, wash manually or in a typewriter.

Tip: To remove mascara from a very dense fabric, including upholstery, you can use an eraser or sandpaper with a very fine dusting. In this case, you will have to wait until the composition dries, after which you need to gently rub the problem area, and the remaining greasy stains will have to be removed with one of the above tools.

dishwashing jelly, mustard powder, makeup remover and glycerin

  • Glycerol. A very effective way, especially when dealing with stains on leather products. We apply the composition to the traces of a cosmetic product and carefully process the material with a soft cloth. We erase the remaining mass with a damp cloth. Please note that the color of the product may slightly change, it will need to be tinted.
  • Makeup Remover. Just drop a few drops of the product on the contaminated area, wait a few seconds and rinse the cloth in clean water. Repeat as much as necessary. After that, the thing is better to wash, because greasy marks may remain on matter.
  • Dishwashing liquid. We put it on a sponge, with which we get wet the stain until it begins to disappear literally before our eyes. Then we wait 10 minutes and send the product to the wash.

Despite the fact that the above preparations are repeatedly tested in practice, before using them it is recommended to make sure the composition is safe for a particular case. To do this, apply it to the hidden part of the fabric and, after waiting a couple of minutes, wash off.

What is the best way to handle delicate clothes?

When working with capricious clothing items, you need to act not just carefully, it is better to use special means for such products. Here are the safest but most effective reagents:

  • Skimmed milk. The liquid needs to be slightly warmed up and applied to the problem area. We wait at least a quarter of an hour and rinse the product in warm water. Repeat several times if necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide and milk

  • Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Ideal for influencing delicate white matter. In a glass of lukewarm water, we dilute a teaspoon of ammonia and 3% hydrogen peroxide. In the resulting composition, we moisten the cotton pad and apply it to the stain. After a couple of minutes, remove the cotton and rinse the cloth in warm water.

In addition, you can use professional tools to combat stains from cosmetics. It is only necessary to take into account the fact that by sending a soiled item of clothing to the machine, you can spoil other things or increase the area of ​​damage to the material. So it’s better to do the pre-processing.

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