How can I quickly wash my hands from pomegranate juice?

Seeds of juicy granular fruit are one of the most favorite treats of children and adults. For this reason, it is often necessary to decide the question of how to wash hands from a grenade (and in the case of children, the whole face). If you do not want to rub your skin, provoking irritation, then traces of juice are best washed off immediately after they get on your hands and other parts of the body.

Pomegranate seeds

In this case, even ordinary cool water will cope with pollution. In a minute, soap will have to be connected to a clean liquid. If the pomegranate juice has been on the skin for more than two minutes, then it can only be washed with the help of auxiliary components.

The mildest skin exposure options

In cases where you have to deal with very sensitive skin (especially with the face and arms of the child), it is recommended to use the mildest products, which nevertheless have pronounced effectiveness:

pomegranate juice

  • Vegetable oil. We moisten a cotton pad in slightly warmed vegetable oil, treat them with areas with traces of pomegranate. We wait a couple of minutes, repeat the manipulation. Then, without washing off the oil, we process the same areas with soap foam (it is better to take antibacterial or liquid soap). We take a sponge or washcloth, we begin to gently wipe off the dirt. Then rinse your hands and, if necessary, repeat all the manipulations.
  • Baby soap. We prepare a bath of warm water and grated baby soap. We hold our hands in it for about five minutes, after which we lather the areas from which the traces of pomegranate have not yet disappeared, and rub it with a soft sponge until the desired result is obtained.

hand cream

  • Nutritious cream. First, the skin needs to be washed thoroughly using a mild soap without a drying effect. After that, wipe it and apply a thick layer of any nutritious cream. We are waiting for a couple of minutes, doing a light massage of the contaminated areas, waiting another five minutes. Then wash off the product using cool water and soap.

Tip: Regardless of what type of exposure was chosen, it is recommended to treat your hands with a moisturizing or protective cream after the skin cleansing procedure. This will quickly restore the natural barrier of the epidermis, prevent the appearance of irritations and inflammations.

  • Antiseptic. Liquid and gel-like antiseptics and special wet wipes do a good job of staining pomegranate juice. True, you have to try to completely wipe away the education. It is best to work specifically on contaminated areas, especially when it comes to the skin of a child. No additional cleaning options are required. You should not use soap immediately after the antiseptic, it is better to wait at least a couple of hours.

gel antiseptic

The above methods allow you to easily wash small fresh spots of pomegranate juice. Even if the hands and nails are very dirty, the funds listed will contribute to a significant clarification of the problem areas. For maximum effect, approaches can be repeated several times until the desired result is obtained, but between them it is necessary to withstand at least 2-3 hours.

Effective but fairly aggressive approaches

It happens that traces of pomegranate on the skin must be disposed of urgently and completely. Here you have to suffer, because The following approaches give the fastest results:

pomegranate juice on hand

  • Lemon juice. If the spots are small, then they can be rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice. When your hands are completely dirty, and the pomegranate juice has clogged under your nails, it’s better to prepare a bath. For half a liter of warm water we take the juice of one lemon. In the resulting solution we hold hands for at least 15-20 minutes, if necessary, pouring warm water. Then, wash my hands with soap, if traces of stains are preserved somewhere.
  • Alcohol. We apply a little alcohol (medical or salicylic) to the cotton pad, treat it with contaminated areas. Immediately after this, rinse your hands with warm water and apply a rich nourishing cream. After a quarter of an hour, using a paper towel, remove the remaining cream and evaluate the result. It is worth considering that for very sensitive skin this option will not work, because may provoke peeling.

lemon soap and alcohol

  • Laundry soap. Rub it on a grater, fill it with warm water (on a tablespoon of soap about a glass of water) and mix well. We drop our hands in this composition and hold for five minutes. Rinse the skin with warm water. Add a little warm water and a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the soap mass. Keep your hands in the bath for another 10 minutes, wash them with clean water. Lubricate hands abundantly with nutritious cream or butter, after 10 minutes, wash everything off again and evaluate the result.

Eliminating traces of pomegranate juice from the skin is quite problematic, therefore, if time and situation allow, it is better to wait until the spots themselves lighten and disappear. A natural product does not irritate the skin and even nourishes it with vitamins, which affects the condition of the epidermis only positively.

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