What is the best way to remove polyurethane foam from clothing at home

During the repair, no one is safe from paint, putty, or foam. And if the first two substances are familiar and familiar to many generations, then what to do with the latter is not always clear. How to clean things from traces of polyurethane foam?

Mounting Gun Cleaner

Mounting Gun Cleaner

One of the easiest ways to remove the mounting foam from a thing is to use the liquid for mounting guns. This will help not only to clean the mounting gun, but also to remove the mounting mixture from clothing. Even if the foam has already dried, you can wash the item to its original cleanliness without damaging the fabric. To do this, you need:

  • remove with a means (knife, for example) the frozen part of the foam from the surface of the clothing;
  • check the reaction of the fabric to the cleaner in an inconspicuous place to make sure that the paint on the clothes does not fade;
  • wet the lesion with an “anti-foam” solution;
  • attach to the right place and leave the fabric disk briefly soaked with solution;
  • after the foam softens, wipe off the mark with a brush or the hard side of the dish sponge;
  • wash the thing in the machine with an increased dose of washing powder.


Use medical or household gloves to prevent your skin from being in contact with chemicals. This will protect you from possible allergic reactions and save the epidermis, in addition, washing your hands from chemicals is very difficult.


Solvents as an effective cleaning method

At home, even when you yourself are engaged in repairs, there may not be any liquid for the mounting gun at hand. Not everyone knows about it, and it is difficult to think of how to clean the stain. In this case, you can use a conventional paint thinner, white spirit or acetone. If you don’t have any of this and you don’t know how to remove dirt from your clothes, it’s better to wash the stain while it’s fresh. You can remove it with a nail polish remover containing acetone, then brush off the remaining stain and thus remove and wash it completely at home. Remember to test the tissue response to the product. The effect is better on non-hardened specks of foam.

Foam aerosol cleaner

Aerosol cleaner

An effective way to help you remove traces of mounting mixture. You can find this tool in a hardware or hardware store.

How to use:

  • shake the can;
  • spray on the problem area;
  • forget about things for 20-25 minutes;
  • rinse with warm running water;
  • wash thing

If the stain cannot be removed completely, repeat.



A pharmaceutical product for external use is widely used to clean the surface, removing excess sealant and wiping the mounting mixture.

To wipe a stain:

  • moisten it with a solution;
  • attach a cotton pad or piece of cloth soaked with the product;
  • wait until the frozen foam softens;
  • wipe or brush off residues;
  • wash clothes, and the stain is removed.

High temperature

Temperature usage

High temperature quickly destroys the composition of the foam, you can wipe the stains from the clothes and clean, and then completely remove the pollution, keeping the item in the sun. But this method is not very effective, it takes too much time.

They also use cold:

  1. remove the stained thing in the cold, freeze;
  2. scrape off the mounting foam with a nail file;
  3. moisten the trace with acetone;
  4. wipe off the leftovers.

It is not known how much better it is possible to clean the stained area of ​​tissue with the freezing method than with the usual attempt to remove the stain with acetone or solvent.

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Which method do you consider most effective when cleaning clothes from foam?
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    The best thing is dimexide - put on gloves - apply with a brush, wait 15-20 minutes. and wash with a sponge - after washing with soapy water.