How to clean topaz jewelry at home and restore shine to the stone?

Topazes in jewelry become dirty and need to be cleaned over time. In order to effectively clean the topaz yourself and at the same time not to harm the product, you need to know and follow some rules.

Faceted topaz

General recommendations

Topaz is a gem that belongs to solid minerals, second only to diamond and corundum in this indicator. Moreover, it is susceptible to many chemicals and thermal effects. Special care and careful handling require stones of blue and blue shades.

  • By immersion in a solution, products with well-fixed stones are cleaned. Topazes glued to the frame are coated with a detergent composition and then dirt is removed.
  • All jewelry is cleaned in a container of suitable size. To process topaz in earrings or rings, it is enough to use a glass. For large products, such as a necklace or bracelet, a wider dishware is needed - the thing should fit freely for even access to the surface of the cleaning substances.
  • For mechanical cleaning, an old toothbrush is used, which has lost its original stiffness and cannot damage the surface.
  • To prepare the solution, only filtered drinking or distilled water is used. Chlorine is one of the worst enemies of topaz, even when dissolved in water.
  • Sharp metal objects and abrasive products that could scratch the stone must not be used. Cotton buds and soft napkins are suitable.

Most often, topaz needs to be cleaned in the ring due to constant contact with foreign substances.

Most of the pollution accumulates at the junction of the insert and the frame - these places require more careful processing.

Topaz Cleaning Methods

The method of cleaning jewelry at home must be selected taking into account not only the characteristics of the gem, but also the metal of the frame - usually it is gold or silver.

Cleaning Topaz Rings

Gold with Topaz

Method number 1 - with the use of soap and ammonia.

  1. It is necessary to prepare a mixture of 40-50 ml of liquid soap, 6-8 drops of ammonia and 100 ml of water.
  2. Place gold earrings with topaz or other jewelry that needs to be cleaned in the solution.
  3. Soak for 45-50 minutes.
  4. Wash with clean cold water, wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Method number 2 - use household dishwashing liquid.

  1. Pour 50 ml of gel into 300 ml of warm water, beat with your hands until a foam forms.
  2. Keep the product in solution for 25-30 minutes.
  3. If it is very dirty, after a while, brush the stone with a toothbrush.
  4. Rinse with clean water, wipe, polish the jewel with a flannel cloth.

Method number 3 - if the topaz in the gold ring or earrings is glued, but not mechanically fixed, it must be cleaned by the surface without immersion in an aqueous solution.

  1. Apply a drop of ammonia to each gem.
  2. Stand for 15 minutes.
  3. Remove dissolved dirt with a cotton swab.

You can’t boil gold jewelry with stones! This method is valid only for products made of pure metal without gems.

Silver jewelry with topazes

Silver with Topaz

It is impossible to clean topaz in a silver frame with detergents - they contribute to the formation of plaque and cause dullness of the metal.

Method number 1 - It will help to remove minor impurities and revitalize the sparkle of the gem.

  1. It is necessary to combine the chalk crushed into powder and toothpaste (not necessarily bleaching), wait for the complete dissolution of the chalk.
  2. The resulting mass using a toothbrush to clean the stone in silver.
  3. Wash off excess water.
  4. Allow the product to dry, polish the flannel.

Method number 2 - using wine vinegar (other types of vinegar essences can not be used!).

  1. Dissolve 5-8 drops of wine vinegar in 250 ml of warm water.
  2. Leave the product in solution for 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse and polish.

The above methods of cleaning jewelry at home are not inferior to expensive purchasing products, which are widely presented in the form of pastes and solutions.

When purchasing a special tool for cleaning the frame, make sure that it does not harm the semiprecious insert. If necessary, consult a master jeweler.

Clouded topaz

How to restore shine of topaz

Over time, a stone can lose its luster for a number of reasons. In some situations, these changes are irreversible, others can be restored.

  • Initially, bright bright red and bright green stones are synthetic products, which tend to cloud and fade over time. It is already impossible to restore the primordial artificial beauty of such stones.
  • Natural specimens of blue shades fade under the influence of sunlight, which is also irreparable.
  • At the initial signs of a change in the shades of stones in the blue-blue range, it is possible to restore the original appearance using specialized methods using professional jewelry equipment.
  • Stones of pink, yellow, tea color can be restored shine and brightness by repeated exposure.

If topaz is cloudy, then in some cases you can restore your lost radiance at home with the help of improvised means.

  • Potatoes - for silver products with topaz. Several previously peeled and chopped potatoes need to be poured with boiling water. After 20 minutes, immerse the jewelry in liquid for 1 hour. After time, rinse, dry, polish with a velvet cloth.
  • Bow. Squeeze juice from one onion. Moisten a cotton swab with them and rub the decoration abundantly on all sides. Leave on for 1.5-2 hours. Then rinse, dry, shine with a flannel.
  • Salt and ammonia - a means to restore the luster of gold jewelry with topaz. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 100 ml of water, add 10 ml of ammonia. Decoration immerse in a solution for 5-6 minutes. Rinse, grate with flannel cloth or suede.

Cleaning Topaz Earrings

Wear and Care Rules

Topaz jewelry - jewelry for an evening out. Excess sunlight for the stone is harmful, in addition, with artificial lighting, the gem looks much more spectacular.

Especially quickly, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, blue topazes fade.

The main rules to significantly extend the life of jewelry with topazes:

  • avoid contact with cosmetics and detergents;
  • take off jewelry while doing homework and cooking;
  • Do not wear when visiting the pool, sauna, bathing in fresh water or the sea;
  • protect from direct sunlight;
  • not to be subjected to sharp temperature changes - this causes microcracks on the stone, which give it a cloudy appearance;
  • do not clean with chemicals, especially with the presence of chlorine, sulfur, iodine;
  • store in a separate box or dense bag, which reliably protects products from light and moisture;
  • all jewelry needs periodic (1-2 times a year) professional cleaning by a jeweler, which cannot be replaced by independent manipulations.

Topazes are characterized by sufficient wear resistance and durability, provided that they are worn and maintained properly. Following simple recommendations, jewelry owners can enjoy the amazing brilliance of the gem for a long time.

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