For what reasons can not a monster be kept at home? Harmful and beneficial properties of the flower

Before you start the notorious “monster” in the apartment, you need to familiarize yourself with all aspects of your choice. First of all, why you can’t keep a monster at home. In any case, what are the reasons for the negative attitude to the plant of many people, including some scientists. To some, these arguments will seem far-fetched and stupid, but they can alert suspicious florists. Only the formidable kind of creeper with large holey leaves can scare away what to speak of myths and signs that shrouded the coexistence of a flower and a person.

home monstera

The reasons why Monstera belongs to the dangerous representatives of the flora and is at risk

The flower came to Europe a few centuries ago, but even the most famous minds of mankind are still arguing about its safety for the human body. Initially, the reason for this attitude was the stories of travelers about how they found skeletons through which the leaves and aerial roots of the plant passed. Today we can assume that the monstera let its parts through the skeletons of those who died in the jungle, but a couple of centuries ago, because of this, many refused to keep a “bloodthirsty” flower in their house.

monstera leaves

No less popular is the theory that the plant should not be in the home environment, because it actively absorbs oxygen and emits carbon dioxide, provoking suffocation in a dream. No one has given official confirmation of this, but one thought alone can terrify some.

Finally, opponents of the plant operate on the facts that the monstera is poisonous. But even this cannot be considered true at 100%. A flower can really provoke a number of negative effects, but only if you try to get its juice, and then apply the composition to the skin, mucous membranes or use inside.

The flora representative juice contains active irritating substances that can even cause stomach bleeding, but few will keep the plant in the house for such dangerous manipulations.

monstera fruit

Ripe monstera fruit

A few facts in favor of the green pet

It turns out that there is not a single reason why a monster should not be kept in an apartment or house. But you can bring a lot of facts in favor of such a neighborhood:

  1. A significant area of ​​leaves contributes to the active purification of the atmosphere from carbon dioxide and its saturation with oxygen. The flower also releases moisture, so it can be used as a natural moisturizer.
  2. The plant is able to absorb particles of soot, dust, molecules that cause unpleasant odors.
  3. Monstera secretes a special substance that acts on microorganisms as an antibiotic or antiviral drug.
  4. Huge leaves can be used as a sensor of changes in humidity in the street. They feel the approach of rain and are covered with small droplets of moisture. It is not necessary to keep the pot on the balcony or window sill.
  5. Do not forget about the attractiveness of the green giant. The flower will easily decorate any interior, giving it the look of the tropics.
giant monstera

Gigantic Monstera

Based on the above facts, it remains to agree that from staying in the house monsters can only benefit. True, in some cases, all good points are blocked by superstitions.

Unconventional approaches to resolving the issue: the practice of Feng Shui, signs and observations

Often, in response to the question why it is impossible to plant a flower so positive from all points of view in the house, you can get the most unexpected answers:

  • Monstera scares men off. Unmarried girls will not be able to find a husband; married girls will not keep the existing one. The statement has no practical evidence, but it’s better not to take any risks, or they will blame the plant for all their failures.
  • Monstera sucks energy from home, especially if you keep it in living rooms. Partly we can agree with this, because almost all indoor green spaces have a similar property. Just do not forget that flowers also readily absorb negative vibes. You just need to put the pot next to the TV, computer or microwave, then a healthy atmosphere in the house is provided.
  • A special role is given to the flower by Feng Shui philosophy. With it, there is a chance to achieve harmony and tranquility. To do this, a pot of plants can be put in the hallway, kitchen or living room. Then the thoughts of the home will always be in order, they will be able to painlessly solve all issues. It’s better not to keep the monster in the bedroom, this is fraught with cooling the spouses' feelings for each other. Coexists perfectly in the study at home. She will push the occupant to more decisive actions, which will serve as an activator of career growth.

monstera in the greenhouse


You should not start a house or a cottage at a monster if there is any concern about her. Like all indoor plants, she perfectly feels the attitude of others and simply cannot exist in a hostile atmosphere, even if she is kept in optimal conditions.

Judging by the reviews of people involved in keeping or breeding a monster, we can only note their affection for their pets. No one notes the negative effects of plants on health. Quite the contrary, they observe the lightness of the air in the room and the absence of asthmatic or allergic attacks.

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