Is it possible to prune a money tree?

Money tree can be cut and even needed. Crassula (Crassula) lends itself well to molding, for which it is highly appreciated in indoor floriculture. The flower is able to take almost any kind. It’s very popular to form a bonsai from a fat girl - a miniature copy of a real tree.

Fat girl with young shoots

Exactly possible?

Crassula is a plant from the genus Succulents. In nature, they grow in arid places and have tissues that can maintain water supplies. But for many, the fat woman is not associated at all with cacti, but with coins, on which its rounded leaves are so similar. According to legend, if you bury coins in a flower pot, the welfare in the house where the money tree grows will increase in proportion to the appearance of new leaves. In order to attract wealth, the formed tree is tied with a red ribbon or red notes are tied with banknotes to branches.

Can a money tree be pruned? Naturally, yes. Neither from the point of view of floriculture, nor in terms of superstitions, there are no contraindications. The only thing is to choose the optimal time for the procedure and comply with all pruning rules.

Money tree with a high trunk

What is the purpose of cutting a money tree?

Almost all indoor plants need to be cut from time to time. Money tree was no exception. There are several indications for the procedure:

  • Pruning a young, actively growing plant is carried out in order to form a crown.
  • Flower rejuvenation is necessary for adult plants with long or disproportionate shoots.
  • Sanitary pruning is carried out annually - dried shoots, leaves are removed.

To cut a fat woman is also necessary in case of illness. Affected areas must be removed. If everything is done correctly, the money tree will thank it with quick recovery and active growth.

Optimum cutting time

Indoor plants are recommended to be trimmed strictly after a period of dormancy or flowering. Money tree "sleeps" from September to February. The optimal time for pruning occurs at the beginning of spring (March). But you can carry out the procedure in other months of spring, and in early summer. Emergency pruning of an ill fatty woman is carried out regardless of the season.

Several traumatic procedures, such as transplanting and pruning, cannot be combined. It is necessary to maintain an interval of at least 30 days.

Pruning rules

When carrying out any types of pruning of a money tree, certain rules should be observed. This will help prevent potential plant health problems.

  1. Choose the right tool. Obviously, you need to cut the branches of the Crassula not with manicure scissors. Need sharp blades that can bite a thick shoot with one click. It is best to use a pruner.
  2. Disinfect the blades. Disinfection is important when pruning no less than its quality. To do this, wipe the tool with medical alcohol.
  3. Slice correctly. Cut the shoot is necessary at an angle and above the kidney. You do not need to leave a long stump. Its length should not exceed 3–7 mm.
  4. Consider the orientation of the kidney. Think in advance where to send the crown. Depending on the location of the kidney, it can develop vertically or horizontally.
  5. Do not get carried away. It is important not to overdo it and not to remove excess shoots. Periodically evaluate the result. As they say, measure seven times, cut once.
  6. Work on the cut points immediately. Wounds can be sprinkled with crushed charcoal, cinnamon powder or smeared with brilliant green.
  7. Let the plant adapt. In the first week after trimming, the money tree is placed in mild conditions.It is protected from direct sunlight, intense heat, dry air. In the first 2-3 days, the flower is not watered and fed until it begins to grow again.

Two types of Crassula on the windowsill

How is the crown of a fat woman formed?

Without pruning, the money tree branches weakly, grows long and thin. Its branches do not have time to turn stiff and under the load of heavy leaves sag or break off altogether. To prevent this from happening, you need to pinch the plant from an early age - after the appearance of the first 3-4 pairs of leaves. A kidney that has grown between them is carefully removed with your fingers or tweezers. In its place should appear 2 kidneys. This means that the fat woman began to branch. By pinching, the desired crown shape is created. It is recommended to leave no more than 4 pairs of leaves on the shoots. The recommended length of the branch is 10-15 cm.

The crown of an adult tree is formed by pruning in the same way. However, in this case, stumps will remain.

In order to make the trunk of the money tree grow faster, they plant it in a shallow pot, which corresponds to the volume of the crown.

Pruning is always stressful for the plant. However, without it, the crown of the money tree itself will not form. The procedure helps give the fat woman a decorative look, and sometimes it is necessary to cure the disease. But it is worth remembering that it is recommended to prune the branches in early spring and in compliance with all the rules. Then the risk of harm to the flower will be minimal.

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