Why can’t you keep geraniums at home? Will there be harm to health and energy

Flowering plants not only decorate the interior and purify the air, but also affect the mood, relationships in the family and other aspects of life. Different flowers both help to establish the atmosphere, and become the cause of a series of troubles. So, because of some superstitions, housewives prefer not to keep geraniums at home. Is this flower so harmful? Let's analyze different points of view.

Geranium flowers

Geranium and Superstition

Geranium, or pelargonium, is almost the most popular houseplant, along with violets and cacti. Geranium is decorative, unpretentious, it will not tolerate the warmest window sill and will decorate any interior. However, the reputation of the flower is not so clean, the people noted a series of coincidences: he started a geranium - attracted failure.

Negative superstitions are mainly related to gender relations and concern women. It is popularly believed that geranium is a husbandman. It is especially dangerous to grow several types of pelargonium in a house at once.

Female loneliness

The flower either scares away potential husbands or “survives” the existing one. Because of this, pelargonium was nicknamed the symbol of female loneliness. In the same way, a flower affects the relationship of women with fathers, brothers and sons, and can depress men's health.

Do not give indoor geraniums to people prone to allergies.

Nevertheless, there are many more reasons to plant geranium in a house than negative superstitions. If you should abandon this cozy plant, then for more significant reasons - because of the impact on health.

Objective reasons against geraniums in the house

Let's look at the real tangible effects of pelargonium. Firstly, this flower is a strong allergen. Pollen, spreading around the house, causes an allergic rhinitis, cough, lacrimation and other, more serious troubles. If you feel these symptoms, consider getting rid of the green pet.

Flower allergy

Growing geraniums is not recommended for people sensitive to odors. Pelargonium volatile extracts purify indoor air, but this aroma can cause headaches and reduce sleep patterns.

In cats, the plant causes severe poisoning. purity.decorexpro.com/en/ magazine strongly recommends placing flower pots so that pets do not reach them.

Cat and geranium

Good signs

As in many other cases with the symbolism of flowers, good signs are associated with geraniums:

  1. Red pelargonium symbolizes wealth in the house, it is recommended to combine it with a money tree.
  2. Red and pink flowers are magnets for love relationships.
  3. The plant pacifies, adjusts to a working mood, helps in learning. For children, such a flower is an assistant in creativity, especially purple buds.
  4. To harmonize relations in the family, put white geranium on the windowsill, the quarrels will immediately disappear. And white flowers are the harbingers of the birth of a new person.
  5. Geranium helps to give birth to love and mutual understanding, it is a symbol of fidelity of spouses.
  6. Protects the house and its inhabitants from evil eye, love spells, conspiracies and other actions of ill-wishers. Pelargonium oil is popular in aromatherapy: it scares away evil forces and gives a sense of security.
  7. If you get very tired at work, then, having returned home and having talked with geraniums, you will feel how the body and mind are restored, and the accumulated negative goes away.

Red pelargonium

According to Feng Shui, it is recommended to keep pelargonium in the southeast of the garden or house, and also place it on both sides of the front door. The leaves contain a large number of volatile products - substances that cleanse the air of harmful microorganisms and fill the house with a pleasant fresh aroma.

Geranium can be safely called a symbol of home comfort, these openwork and bright flowers look so beautiful in the apartment. Refuse the plant only if you feel its negative impact.

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