Is it possible to keep a money tree at home? Signs for good luck

If you have a child or a cat, keeping a money tree at home is not worth it. And it's not about superstitions. The plant is poisonous, but toxins are dangerous only when they enter the stomach. An adult will not taste the juicy leaves to taste, and a baby or a cat may be interested in a fat girl. In any other case, the money tree is a great choice. This plant looks spectacular, unpretentious, in addition, they say, brings good luck.

Decorative coins on a fatty

Fat girl - the talisman of well-being

Money tree is not for nothing called money. Signs claim that this plant attracts energy financial flows into the house. The larger and healthier the tree, the more income you have.

But buying an adult fat woman is not worth it. Indeed, luck awaits precisely the person who raised the tree, cared for him. So buy a small plant, but rather ask for a rooted seedling as a gift.

According to signs, the ideal option is “theft”. If you have wealthy acquaintances, flower growers, ask them for a sprig of fat. Only you must break it off, moreover, invisibly to the owners. Ask them to leave the room for a moment and take a sprout. So you get a piece of luck owners of the fat girl.

Grow a tree, take care of it patiently, and your income will grow with a fat girl.

Money tree decorated with coins.

How to reveal the magical properties of wood?

For maximum effect:

  • plant the plant in an expensive pot;
  • choose a container of red color - it symbolizes development, movement forward, prosperity;
  • decorate the tree with banknotes, red ribbons, decorative coins;
  • put coins on the bottom of the pot, together with pebbles and expanded clay.

When watering a tree or wiping leaves on it, tell the fat girl your desires. But avoid negativity, use only positive wording. You can’t say: "I am in a difficult period, I don’t have money, I want this to end." It must be said: "I will soon change my life: I will find a good job, I will move to a comfortable apartment, I will buy a car."

Looking for a place for a money tree, choose the southeastern part of the room - this is where the wealth zone is located. She can be in any room - and in the living room, and in the bedroom, and even in the kitchen. The only exception is the entrance hall. In this room, energy flows "flow" out of the apartment, which means that money will not arrive, but decrease.

If you want to put a fat girl in the bathroom, make sure that all the taps are working. Constantly dripping water will “wash off” the money.

Plant care

Money tree is quite unpretentious. The plant does not like stuffiness and heat, excessive humidity. The fat woman tolerates moderate drafts easily, but strong temperature drops will slow down the development of the plant. Ideal temperature - 20–25 aboutFROM.

You do not need to put a fat girl in the sun - this flower does not tolerate direct sunlight. But the plant does not like the thick shadow. It is better to choose a place where diffused sunlight falls, for example, on a stand next to a window.

Water the flower only as the earthen coma dries out, but spray it every day. You can wipe the leaves with a damp sponge - so they will shine beautifully.

Crassula is sick

What to do if the tree is sick?

If the fat woman begins to fade, you can not throw it away. Try to cure the plant: change the watering regime, transplant, feed with fertilizers. After all, the money tree is not just an ornamental plant, it is a talisman. You need to treat him with respect and care.

But you can’t keep a dried plant in the apartment.If the fat girl could not be cured, break off a branch from it and root it. So you save financial fortune in the house. And the dead plant will have to be thrown out, just do not forget to thank him for his help. You can’t keep a dried-up money tree at home - so you scare away luck.

Follow these simple rules, and a fat girl will bring luck and prosperity to your home.

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