How to peel a mango?

Mango is a delicious fruit with juicy yellow pulp, which is often used in various dishes for the preparation of sauces, salads, marinades. It is very healthy. But as soon as you bring the fragrant sunny fruit from the store, the question immediately arises: how to peel the mango? Read our instructions, and you can easily cut the fruit in different ways: cubes, slices, rhombus.

Ripe mango

This is useful to know

When you choose a fruit, you need to smell it. When the mango is ripe, it has a characteristic smell, especially in the tail. The fetus is immature if it does not smell at all. On a peel of a ripe fruit there should not be dents, indentations, defects. It should be shiny, smooth. The skin color can be either red or yellow-green. Click on the fruit - it should not be too soft, but elastic.

The fruit weighs, as a rule, 200-300 grams. Too large is better not to take, as they can be unripe. In the refrigerator, ripe cut mangoes can be stored for about 2 days. The whole fruit is best stored at room temperature. It can be used either in its natural form or used for the preparation of salads, desserts, juice, sauces for meat, fish.

Mango knife

Do I need to peel a mango?

Fragrant fruit is very useful, as the pulp contains many valuable substances for health. And what about the peel?

You should know that the peel is also useful, therefore it is used in the treatment of colds. However, it has a specific taste, it is difficult to chew. This is not to everyone’s liking, so eating it is not accepted. The fruit is very juicy, for this reason, ripe mango is not easy to peel. Gloves can be used for these purposes.

Extracting Mango Bone

How to Peel Mangoes - 5 Easy Proven Ways

  • The easiest common way: peel the fruit with a sharp knife in the same way as you usually peel potatoes, pears, apples.

Next, you need to carefully cut the fruit along and begin to rotate the halves in a circle until they separate from the seed. However, sweet ripe fruit juice flows out. Sticky juice can sprinkle clothes, a table, furniture, hands. However, these little things do not stop lovers of exotic fruit. It has a unique taste, so they want to get enough faster.
Mango serving method

  • This method is more civilized. It is necessary to alternately cut along the lobule on both sides of the fruit, and make an incision as close to the bone as possible.

The remaining pieces on the sides are also cut off.


The seed can then be planted in a pot to grow an exotic tree at home.

On the cut slices formed, cuts are made crosswise. The peel should not be cut through. Now the slices can be twisted to form a "hedgehog". Gently cut the rhombuses from the skin with a knife and put them on a plate.

A similar method: the fruit is cut into 2-3 parts. Having taken one part with the flesh up, they cut the grate along it, turn it inside out and cut the cubes into the dish. It’s better to peel mangoes over a plate into which juice will drain. To make it easier to process the fruit, you need to take a knife sharper.
Mango pulp extraction with a spoon

  • It is difficult to peel the ripe soft mango in the previous ways. It is better to eat the flesh with a small spoon, picking it from the peel.

First, an incision is made in the fetus, which must be made closer to the bone. It is necessary to cut it immediately to the required depth so as not to damage. Slowly, carefully separate two parts of the fruit from each other and enjoy its taste.


An incision should be made only on a plate, since there is always a lot of juice that can be drunk or used for its intended purpose.

Cutting the solid fruit in this way will not work.
Cutting mango into salad cubes

  • Ripe mangoes can simply be cut into pieces.

This method is best used if the flesh of the fruit is part of a dish. It is cut into several parts into slices, the pulp is taken out with a spoon and placed in a blender. You can make mashed potatoes, juice, sauces, smoothies, a smoothie for dessert with lemon or lime.
Peeled mango

  • The following method is suitable for a fruit that is ripe but not soft enough.

Mangoes are peeled using a potato peeler. With a small sharp knife, the flesh of the fetus is cut to the very bone, then individual slices are cut. All the flesh is cut in a circle. If there is too much juice flowing out and the peel is difficult to clean, another method must be used for cleaning.

As you can see, peeling mangoes is not difficult. Eat fruit more often as it contains trace elements useful for the body, helps restore immunity, and improves the circulatory system.

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  1. AuslogicsBoostSpeed
    08/03/2016 at 13:49 Reply

    Only in this case it will be difficult to save whole slices, so this method is used if you want to include mango pulp in a dish. After cutting the mango into slices, we clean out the pulp with a spoon and send it to a blender to prepare any sauce.

  2. Tamara
    02/22/2019 at 08:14 Reply

    I would never clean the mango with the suggested methods. In addition to the second method, when the unpeeled mango is cut into two parts along the bone. She is big but flat. The following are two options. Cut, as in the proposed method, the mesh without cutting through the peel, and twist. Next, you can peel the resulting cubes into a container or eat a spoon directly from the peel. The second way: take one part of the mango in your hand and peel off the edge of the glass. It is cleaned very cleanly. The peel remains in the hand. Get the whole beautiful half. A circus with peeled mango would be left to the author.